Company Information

Owner History

The “Best Park” seeds were planted decades ago. Jeff Duncan began working as a valet parking attendant in Little Rock back in 1970 while David Bogard started as a parking lot attendant in Houston, Texas for Allright Parking in 1980. Jeff became the City Manager of Little Rock for Allright Parking in 1982 and a couple of years later, David was moved to the West Coast to become the City Manager of the San Francisco Bay area.

Jeff continued to build the Allright business in Little Rock while David built a Region on the West Coast and it was through the companywide Allright Parking outings and meetings that Jeff and David formed an instant friendship of mutual respect. David was relocated to Dallas to assume to Mid-South Region and got a chance to work with Jeff on a continual basis. Allright and Central Parking Systems merged in 1999 and David relocated again to St. Louis to oversee the entire Midwest Region, which still included Little Rock.

Jeff and David decided to form a new company called Best Park, and on July 1, 2004, they started all over again, back on the parking lots, back where it all began.


Best Park has established itself as the company of choice here in Little Rock . We have remained focused on serving our customers, clients and landlords and we always try to “under-promise and over-deliver”. We treat our employees fairly and we let everyone know how important they are to the “Team”, whatever role they may have.

Our own expectations for Best Park remain high and we continually stress the service aspect of our business. Treating customers, clients, landlords, fellow employees and vendors with the respect that you would wish to receive is critical. We’re not perfect and we have “off” days like everyone else, but our integrity and commitment to purpose never wanes.


Small and nimble companies like ours where the “Owners” are personally involved every day will always be best suited to meet the challenges of fast changing times. Relationships, integrity, stability and trust are the foundation upon which we have spent years building and we will continue to adhere to those principles in the future. We will invest in new technology when it is proven and appropriate and we will adapt our business model to meet changes the future may hold but we will not abandon our core values along the way. Best Park decisions are generally based on “good or bad”, “appropriate or not appropriate”… and not necessarily on “new or old”.

Jeff and David have parked cars collectively for over 80 years and during that time they have experienced many business cycles. If it’s happened, they are probably aware of it, and if it’s going to happen, they are probably prepared to deal with it. That’s just one more reason to rely on Best Park for your parking needs.